Final preparation goes into President Bartlet's visit to China when he accepts a flag from the Taiwanese delegation representing the Taiwanese Independence Movement, prompting China to prepare for military action.




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We find out in this epsiode that Hoynes had a vice-Presidential debate with his Republican opponent in the 1998 election. You can see a entry in Hoynes book index, "Under first Vice-Presidential debate".

This episode marks the first time that President Bartlett admits to suffering from specific, physical issues brought on by Multiple Sclerosis.


A Senator refers to "3-PC Orion" airplanes being sold to Taiwan. The correct designation for this airplane is "P3-C Orion".

At approximately 27 minutes in, when Kate Harper has just left the Oval Office and the President and C.J. remain, with his back turned the President refers to C.J. as "Donna".


Leo McGarry: I lived through the first Cold War. One was enough.


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