After Josh is hailed as the "101st Senator" in a newspaper profile, he butts heads with a conservative Idaho Democratic Senator who withholds out his approval of a backlog of military promotions to secure an expensive but faulty missile launcher to be built in his home state. In the back corridors, Will gets a flattering offer from the newly approved Vice President while CJ runs afoul of Leo's temper when she does not stick to the adminstartion's scripted line on an EPA report on coal-based energy. Likewise, Amy earns the President's wrath when she pushes for funding of the First Lady's agenda on violence prevention while Toby pieces together a message calendar to stay on point during Bartlet's second term. [1]






Vice President Russell: I like loyalty, Will. I respect loyalty. But you can run out the clock on a Bartlet Presidency that in effect is over. You can finish something that you never started in the first place. Or you can shape the next presidency from the ground up. Total access. Coach of the team.


"The West Wing" Constituency of One (2003)
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