Abdul ibn Shareef was the Qumari Minister of Defence, and the brother of the Sultan of Qumar. He was also a lead member of the Bahji who was assassinated on the orders of President Bartlet.

Shareef was initially introduced as a an allied minister (along with Qumar), but it emerged that he was actually a key member of the Bahji terrorist network and was behind the thwarted attempt to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge. As a result, having been shown evidence that he was a terrorist, President Bartlet ordered his assassination, as it was impossible for him to be brought to trial due to the chain of evidence that implicated him originating with a tortured Chechen.

He met with the President hours before his assassination, who refused to shake hands with him (blaming a rash for it) and gave him a pen with a tracker in it.

He was killed by US Rangers on a remote RAF airstrip in Bermuda.

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