Rear Admiral (LH) Hackett, USNMC, works as the Physician to the President during the Bartlet Administration following the death of Captain Morris Tolliver.


When, during the preparations for the first State of the Union address, President Bartlet collapsed due to a combination of a case of influenza and an MS relapse, Hackett was the doctor on call. Despite Bartlet insisting that he was just having the flu, Hackett preferred to err on the side of caution, although he did agree with him; he overruled the president and scheduled more thorough testing at National Naval Medical Center Bethesda for the next day, and stayed with him until Dr. Abigail Bartlet returned to the Residence.

Appearance and Personality

Hackett is a tall naval officer (6'1") about the same age as President Bartlet. While retaining a full head of hair, it was already near-completely grey by 1999. On duty, he would typically wear Service Dress uniform.

Compared to his predecessor, Hackett was quieter, retaining a confident dignity to himself, and cultivated a no-nonsense attitude. Despite this, he seemed to enjoy a few jokes made by the president at the senior staff's expense. Lacking the sass of Tolliver, he preferred to manage the president's health with more subtle redirection; he however had little trouble drawing the line at medical thoroughness.


Morris Tolliver
Physician to the President
Admiral Hackett
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