Al Kiefer was a political analyst and polling expert sometimes working with fellow Democrat pollster Joey Lucas. He was portrayed by John de Lancie.


Kiefer was an expert professional pollster often brought in for consultation and polling management and strategizing by Washington Democratic officials. In both of his appearances on the show he came along with Joey Lucas to organize key polling operations.

Though Kiefer’s professional competence was never put into question, his opinionated personality often seemed to rub wrong many of the political officials he worked with, to the extent of him ending up being avoided or, at least, only reluctantly listened to for his advice—which often went well beyond the scope of his polling expertise and into actual policy proposals.

Political views

Kiefer’s party subscription was never fully stated, but his frequent forays into political suggestions hinted at a conservative Democrat (urging President Bartlet to support proposed flag desecration laws, in 20 Hours in L.A., and not to fight Congress Republicans on FEC candidates, in Mandatory Minimums) and, at any rate, expecting the President to significantly change his policies based on perceived (polled) public opinion.


Joey Lucas

Near the end of 20 Hours in L.A. it becomes clear that his relationship with Joey isn’t just professional, when he opens the door of her hotel room dressed in a robe, to the surprise and disappointment of Josh Lyman—who had also developed an attraction for her—. The show however gave no further hint if—or for how long—the relationship continued, only much later indicating that he wasn’t involved in Joey’s posterior pregnant condition.

Behind the scenes


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