Albie 1

Duncan advises President Bartlet on the Haiju crisis in 2001.

"You know there's a decent chance I'm full of crap, right?"
- Under-Secretary Duncan

Albie Duncan is an elderly Republican that has "worked in the State Department since President Harry Truman," and served as an Under Secretary of State during the Bartlet administration.

Toby Ziegler mentioned he worked in Dwight Eisenhower State Department. ("Game On")

When a Nuclear submarine goes missing in Haiju bay near North Korea, he is called in to advise President Bartlet. Being in his 80s, he thinks of the middle-aged Jed Bartlet as a child. Jed Bartlet is also not a fan of him because of that behavior that shows Albie's dislike of the President. So he is only invited after Leo can convince the President, that with another expert named Peter recovering from heart surgery, Albie is the only one left able to offer advice on the problem. Albie is a man who likes to tell stories about his military and political career, interesting Leo and annoying the President. ("Gone Quiet")

During the 2002 Presidential election the Ritchie campaign got a prominent Democrat to speak on Ritchie's behalf after the Debate. In response, the Bartlet administration had to quickly find a Republican to speak on behalf of Bartlet's foreign policy experience, and Toby was able to call in Albie Duncan. ("Game On")

His favourite beverage is Schweppes Bitter Lemon.

Under Secretary Duncan mentions on Air Force One that "I've been at the State Department for 30 years." This is inconsistent with the previous statements that he served during the Truman and Eisenhower administrations, 30 years prior being 1972.
He was portrayed by veteran TV, movie, and stage actor Hal Holbrook. Trivia: Holbrook and Martin Sheen appeared as lovers in the 1972 TV movie That Certain Summer.