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Amy Gardner works as a political lobbyist and later joins the White House staff during both the Bartlet and Santos administrations. She had a relationship for a time with Josh Lyman.



When Amy was a child, First Lady Abigail Bartlet was one of her babysitters. She is a Roman Catholic, though it is not known whether she regularly practices.


Amy is a graduate of both Brown University and Yale Law School which she attended at the same time as Josh Lyman. ("Red Haven's on Fire")

Political History[]

She has a long history of political involvement, presumably beginning before her work as Issues Director for the National Organization for Women. She has also been Political Director for Emily's List, Director of the Women's Leadership Coalition, and founder of the Democratic Women's Forum.

Bartlet Administration[]

After losing a political fight with the White House over a welfare-reauthorization bill that included marriage incentives with which she and the Women's Leadership Coalition disagreed, Amy lost her job with the Coalition. ("Posse Comitatus") She later briefly worked for Senator Howard Stackhouse during his short third-party run against President Bartlet and Robert Ritchie in the 2002 Presidential Election. After Stackhouse conceded to President Bartlet Amy found herself, again, without a formal job, though she continued to unofficially advise the Bartlet Administration though Josh Lyman. ("The Red Mass", "Debate Camp")

Shortly after President Bartlet's reelection, Amy was hired as the First Lady's Chief of Staff.   She resigned after President Bartlet learned Amy was using Abigail Bartlet's name to increase funding for violence prevention without her knowledge.

Santos Administration[]

She later was brought into the Santos Campaign for debate prep. After the election she unsuccessfully lobbied Santos to appoint Carol Gelsey as Vice President, although he was suitably impressed by Amy to appoint her Director of Legislative Affairs.


Josh Lyman

Amy attended law school with Josh Lyman, where she dated his college roommate. The two shared an on-again-off-again romance toward the end of President Bartlet's first term. Around that time, she briefly dated a congressman, U.S. Rep. John Tandy (D-FL), whom Josh suspected of using her as a pawn to secure the votes of women. She has a dog named Henry, who can be seen in "The Two Bartlets," as Josh is calling Amy to tell her he can't go to Tahiti because he wants to attend a meeting between the administration and his friend, Billy.


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