Andy Wyatt is the United States Representative for Maryland's 5th District. She is portrayed by Kathleen York.

Character Edit

Wyatt was married to Toby Ziegler, however they were divorced early in the first year of the Bartlet Administration. Her former husband  attempted to reconcile with her even going as far as buying a house, however she had no interest in him because she believes he is "sad and depressing" and a "not warm" person. At the end of the fourth season, she gave birth to twins: Molly, who was named after the secret service agent murdered in the Zoey Bartlet kidnapping that night; and Huckleberry, named after Wyatt's grandfather. In 2006, seven years after they broke up, she resumed a relationship with him.

Career Edit

She was the third ranking member on the House International Relations Committee, and was reelected with 85% of the vote in 2002. In 2005 she traveled to Gaza on the ill-fated Congressional Delegation along with Admiral Fitzwallace, Congressmen DeSantos and Korb, and Donna Moss. She was the only main member of the delegation left unharmed.

Despite representing a heavily liberal district that had not gone Republican in 40 years, she was in a tough race in 2006, because of her ex-husband's scandal regarding the leaking of classified information. When she was next seen, she was lobbying for a pardon for Toby. The outcome of the election in her district was not directly stated, but the fact that it was not mentioned coupled with the fact that she still had business in the West Wing could imply that she was not ultimately defeated and would remain in congress.

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