Annie Westin (born 1987) is the daughter of Elizabeth Bartlet and Doug Westin, and the granddaughter of President Josiah Bartlet.

Annie showed her grandfather a press clipping of a supposed "miraculous event" in Chile, when a little girl sliced a tomato into a shape of a rosary. The clipping praised the little girl, but Annie thought that the tomato was the impressive one.[1]

In 1999, Annie made pro-choice comments to a teen magazine. A radical group, The Lambs of God, sent Annie a Raggedy Ann doll with a knife stuck through its throat. When the President discovered this, he was so angry that he rode a bicycle he had borrowed from Leo McGarry and accidentally ran it into a tree. Later, he would order Al Caldwell to publicly denounce the group.[1]

She gave her grandfather a tie that Leo McGarry thought was "pretty ugly."[2]

In 2002, before President Bartlet met with Muriel Keith, Annie asked him to ask Mr. Keith who his favorite President was. Bartlet did, and was disappointed to hear that Keith preferred President Truman.[3]

In 2003, she came to the White House with the rest of the family after her aunt Zoey was abducted by terrorists.[4] Later that year, in an act of defiance, she pierced her eyebrow. The piercing, on top of a scheduled swim meet, made Annie's parents decide to not bring her to the 2003 Christmas festivities at the White House.[5]

Annie started high school the week before the Camp David Accords.[6]

Since Annie was stated to be 12 in August 1999, she would've been 19 in August 2006 when the Accords occur. So either President Bartlet was lying or mistaken about her starting high school, or she was held back considerably. The former is more likely, as Bartlet would not brag about his 19-year-old granddaughter starting high school. Additionally, the uncredited actress who portrays Annie in 7A WF 83429 appears to be younger than 15 or 16. This could also be a case of retroactive continuity, meaning that the writers might have changed her age after the pilot. It is possible that the writers felt Bartlet having both a 12 year old granddaughter and a daughter who was just beginning university might have seemed unrealistic to the viewer.


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