Argentina is a country in South America.

In 2000, First Lady Abigail Bartlet went on a diplomatic mission to Argentina.[1]

In 2001, Her Excellency Renee Ernesto presented her credentials to President Josiah Bartlet and was accepted as the Argentine Ambassador to the United States.[2]

Later that year, the United States struck an agricultural trade deal with Argentina. The White House Chief of Staff was dismayed when the deal didn't raise the President's approval ratings in the Midwestern states.[3]

In 2004, Carlos Carrio, the Argentine economic attache, met with White House Press Secretary C.J. Cregg prior to a meeting at the National Economic Council dealing with the importation of cabbage.[4]

In 2005, on a trip to Argentina, President Bartlet attended three state banquets. According to Congresswoman Link, this was a good reason why the United States needed to appoint a monarch to act as a ceremonial head of state.[5]

In 2006, White House Chief of Staff C.J. Cregg met with Treasury official regarding currency devaluation in Argentina.[6]


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