• Stokey12

    In the begining of Election Night Part 1 Ronna Beckman is seen kissing a staffer called Cindy who as far as I can recall was never seen before or since.  I have always  found this scene a puzzle.  It is almost as if the writers decided that they need an LGBT characters from among the regular cast.

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  • Metropolis1927

    CJ and Ben

    July 24, 2017 by Metropolis1927

    Just rewatched an episode Full Disclosure CJ and Ben had broken up 10 years before and CJ slept with Hoynes 10 years before Was that the cause of the break up with Ben. She wants the night with Hoynes never to have happenned Then she rings Ben  ????

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  • Metropolis1927

    Gails Fishbowl

    July 11, 2017 by Metropolis1927

    In holy night the item in the fishbowl could it be the pitch (musical note) definer that acapella groups use at start of songs? The Whiffenpoops were in the episode

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  • MegPryor

    Watching it all

    July 1, 2017 by MegPryor

    I started watching the whole thing about three weeks ago. Started with the pilot and I'm at the beginning of season 6 now. I'd forgotten so many little details. This was, imho, the best series ever on broadcast TV. I have a special episode - Two Cathedrals. After that Abu al Banat. Anyhow, back to Gaza and Memorial Day, the end of season 5. Tonight starts season 6.

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  • Starch581

    Re-watching season 5

    March 7, 2017 by Starch581


    I am re-watching season 5 at the moment. I had forgotten some of it but nice to watch it all again 



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  • Starch581

    West wing re-boot?

    February 10, 2017 by Starch581

    I would love to see a reboot of TWW with Sam Seaborn as the President. The timeline could be sometime after President Santos 2 terms 

    Just as a side note. Since Nov I have been watching a great deal of the Old WW 

    What do you think?

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  • ABIGFAN1960

    Ted McGinley

    December 29, 2016 by ABIGFAN1960

    Ted was so great in "West Wing"! As a matter of fact, Ted is FANTASTIC at everything that he is cast in!

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  • Westwingingit

    Every four years, I watch the West Wing during the Presedential Election cycle.  

    This time, I'll be blogging along with each episode.  You can find it at:

    I've never started this early in the election cycle, but the vitriol, terror and disarray of the primary season is taking a toll on me; everyone is right except those who disagree with you, the truth doesn't matter, and Donald Trump.  I have a son who goes to bed at 8pm, a Netflix subscription, and a strong desire to live in another reality's political reality.  It isn't always perfect there- but I have more faith in it than I do our own reality, and that's enough to keep me occupied until November.

    Feel free to join, comment and share!

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  • Dongdef

    Bartlet is Bernie

    February 12, 2016 by Dongdef

    Has anyone noticed how the story of how Josiah Bartlet came to run for the White House is eerily similar to how Bernie is running for the President? Bartlet was not really intending to run but was almost recruited, his campaign rang true and beat the more establishment candidate.

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  • Spencedubs4487

    Governor Ritchie

    June 30, 2015 by Spencedubs4487

    The republican candidate, Governer Bob Ritchie resembles many past Republican candidates. Theyre entertaining and you'd love to have a beer with them..but would you give them nuclear launch codes? Naa

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  • Krys78

    And I plan to build up this site as well.  It needs so much more info.  Yes, its been almost 8 yrs since its retirement but wikia is becoming the most popular source for ALL shows.  Why not, The West Wing, the best show ever!  I will build the episode pages, quotes, info, and acolade info.  :)

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