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==Winners of the General Presidential Elections==
==Winners of the General Presidential Elections==
* [[United States presidential election, 1998|1998]] : [[Josiah Bartlet|Bartlet]]/[[John Hoynes|Hoynes]] (D)
* [[United States presidential election (1998)|1998]] : [[Josiah Bartlet|Bartlet]]/[[John Hoynes|Hoynes]] (D)
* [[United States presidential election, 2002|2002]] : Bartlet/Hoynes (D)
* [[United States presidential election (2002)|2002]] : Bartlet/Hoynes (D)
* [[United States presidential election, 2006|2006]] : Vinick/[[Ray Sullivan|Sullivan]] (R)
* [[United States presidential election (2006)|2006]] : Vinick/[[Ray Sullivan|Sullivan]] (R)
[[Category:U.S. States]]
[[Category:U.S. States]]

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California is one of the 50 United States of America. It is the host of the California Primary. The Governor of California is Gabriel Tillman, who commands the California National Guard.


Notable Californians



Winners of the General Presidential Elections

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