Capital Beat was a fictional show on The West Wing. It was closely modeled on the regular Sunday morning political shows like Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and This Week.

The show was hosted by Mark Gottfried, played by character actor Ted McGinley.

The signature tune used for the programme was that of the real-life News at Ten from the ITV network in the UK.

The ShowEdit

The show is first mentioned in the pilot episode, where Josh Lyman appeared on the show and got into a fiery debate with Mary Marsh over religion. It resulted in Josh nearly losing his job over the appearance.

In the episode, In This White House, Sam Seaborn gets filleted by Ainsley Hayes, who had never appeared on television before. Sam's destruction catches the eye of the Senior Staff as well as the President, who decides to hire Ainsley as an Associate White House Counsel.

The show also appeared in the episode Bartlet's Third State of the Union . A special is broadcast from inside The White House on the occasion of the State of the Union.