Carl Reid serves as the first Secretary of Labor under President Josiah Bartlet, from 1999 to 2002.


Reid wants Senator Seth Gillette to be on the Blue Ribbon Commission on Social Security, and even meets with President Bartlet to request it.[1] In late 2001, Reid holds a press conference at the White House to the White House Press Corps about a "school-to-work initiative." [2] Carl Reid leaves in January 2002 to accept a position at Shearson and is succeeded by Indiana Governor Jack Buckland. [3]

Notes and references

  1. "Labor wants Gillette on the Commission." //Ellie
  2. "Labor Secretary Carl Reid will brief from this podium in one hour's time on our school-to-work initiative." //The Women of Qumar
  3. "Carl Reid wants to accept a position at Shearson, and he'll be leaving in about three months." //On the Day Before

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