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<center>'''[[The West Wing]]''' governors</center>
Governors of the various [[United States]].
[[Governor|State governors]]
*Gabriel "Gabe" Tillman (D-[[California]]) — [[Ray Wise]]: 2001-. [[Will Bailey]] wrote an acclaimed speech for Gov. Tillman. In 2006 primaries, gave tacit support for Congressman Santos, after initially planning to support former Vice President Hoynes. Mentioned in the fourth season and again in the seventh season when a nuclear power plant near San Diego comes close to meltdown.
*[[Robert Ritchie]] (R-[[Florida]]) — [[James Brolin]] (Seasons 3–4): 1997-2005. Served two terms as Governor. Republican nominee for President in 2002, defeated by the incumbent, President Bartlet. Elected in 1996 and defeated Carol Gelsey (who we know stood for Florida Governor in 1996). Succeeded by Eric Swenson (R), who is Governor by the 2006 election.
*[[Jack Buckland]] (D-[[Indiana]]) — [[Kevin Tighe]] (Ep. 3.03; 3.04): 1997-2002. Helped to deliver Indiana and the whole mid-west to Bartlet in the 1998 election. Was a serious candidate for Bartlet's running mate in that election. Former US Olympian and [[Heisman Trophy]] winner. Would have challenged the President in the 2002 primaries but was talked out of it by [[Josh Lyman]], and promised a Cabinet position. Appointed Secretary of Labor (2002-2007).
*[[Mike Reed]] (R-[[Ohio]]): 1999-2007. a contender for the 2006 nomination. Gave keynote speech at the [[Republican National Convention]], known as the "eight is enough" speech attacking the Bartlet administration (which was in its eighth year in office). Did not stand for election in 2006.
*Bill Daniel (R-[[Nebraska]]) 1997-2005
*Jack Stephens (R-[[New York]]) 1991-2003
*Peggy Wade ([[Oklahoma]]): 2001-. President Bartlet and Wade dislike each other. Bartlet disagrees in particular with her support for gun rights and tort reform (5.06)
*[[Eric Baker]] (D-[[Pennsylvania]]) — [[Ed O'Neill]]: 2001-2007. Sought Democratic nomination for President in 2006 from the floor of the convention. Withdrew after fallout due to the discovery of his lack of disclosure of his wife's [[Clinical depression|depression]]. Nominated for Vice President by President Santos following the death of Leo McGarry.
*[[Edward Pratt]] (R-[[Tennessee]]) — [[Doug Ballard]]: 2001-. Meets with the President to discuss increasing instances of arson against the black churches in his state around [[Christmas]] 2001. Still Governor in 2005 when he found out about a top-secret deal where the country of Georgia offered the US uranium and threatened to leak it publicly since he was opposed to it.
*[[Ray Sullivan]] (R-[[West Virginia]]) — [[Brett Cullen]] (Seasons 6–7): 2001-. Senator Vinick's running mate in 2006. Seen as the front runner for the Republican nomination in 2010 .
*Hutchins (D-[[Michigan]]): 2003-. defeated Parsons (R) in 2002. (4.8)
*Sidley ([[Massachusetts]]) 2007-. (7.22)
*Wilkins ([[New Hampshire]]) 1999-2007. (7.22)
*Halley (R-[[Ohio]]): 2007-. Elected in 2006, defeated Fishman (D) by 2%. Succeeded [[Mike Reed]] (R).
*Eric Swenson (R-[[Florida]]): 2005-. Helped get out the vote for Vinick in 2006. Replaced [[Robert Ritchie (TV character)|Robert Ritchie]] as Governor in January 2005.
===[[[List of politicians in The West Wing|edit]]] Other state-level politicians===
*Ivan "Izzy" Perez — [[Rick Najera]]: Member of the California Agricultural Laborers Association. Ran for [[Governor of California]] on the [[American Communist Party]] ticket. (Ep. 4.16)
*Richard Sutter, California Assemblyman
==[[[List of politicians in The West Wing|edit]]] Local government of the United States==
*Mayor of Washington, DC (D)— [[James Pickens, Jr.]] : African-American, attended a public school. While a Democrat, he is pro-school vouchers
*Jimmy Fitzsimmons: Won the 2002 Boston Mayor's race by 51 points
*Mayor Atkins (D): city unknown. African-American, former [[Christian Left]] Reverend. "Fringe" 2006 Democratic Primary candidate in Iowa, critic of [[North American Free Trade Agreement|NAFTA]]. Had delegates at the 2006 convention and worked as a Santos surrogate on election day

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