Characters who held a political post or ran for political office

Party leadersEdit

  • Chairman of the Democratic National Committee
  • Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Christian rightEdit

  • Reverend Don Butler (R-Virginia) — Don S. Davis (Season 6): Candidate for Republican nomination for President and leader of the American Christian Assembly
  • Reverend Al Caldwell — F. William Parker: Prominent religious leader who, unlike his associates (like Mary Marsh and John Van Dyke), is respectful of and respected by members of the Bartlet administration (Eps. 1.1, 2.8)
  • Mary Marsh — Annie Corley: Associate of Rev. Al Caldwell who has a mutually shared antagonism with members of the Bartlet administration, especially Josh Lyman
  • Reverend Algiss Schuyler — Ellis E. Williams
  • John Van Dyke — David Sage: Associate of Rev. Al Caldwell. (Ep. 1.1)
  • George Rohr —Peter MacKenzie: political advisor to the American Christian Assembly, former advisor to the Speaker of the House (Ep 7.3)

Foreign officialsEdit

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