"I hate him, but he's brilliant. And the two of them [with Evelyn Baker Lang] together are fighting like cats and dogs ... but it works." - Toby Ziegler's assessment

Christopher Mulready is a conservative American jurist and an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court. He was appointed in 2004 by President Josiah Bartlet, at the same time as Chief Justice Evelyn Baker Lang.

He was portrayed by actor William Fichtner.

Biographical information

When conservative Supreme Court justice Owen Brady died unexpectedly, the White House originally planned to replace him with a moderate. However, after meetings with both Christopher Mulready and Evelyn Baker Lang, the President and his senior advisors realized that these two could uphold the tradition of strong discussions on the bench as seen in the days of Brady and Chief Justice Roy Ashland. They convinced Ashland to resign and pave the way for Lang, and in turn gave Brady's vacant seat to the Republicans, who nominated Mulready. Presumably, Justice Mulready was never informed that he owed his elevation to Donna Moss' parents' inability to agree on a single cat to replace a beloved lost pet.[1]


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