Cliff Calley became Deputy Chief of Staff in the final months of the Bartlet Administration. He is portrayed by Mark Feuerstein.

Character Edit

Calley is first introduced in Season 3, when he was a majority (Republican) counsellor in the House of Representatives. He was chief majority counsellor for the House Oversight Committee during the Bartlet/MS hearings. In the episode Bartlet for America, he stopped Rep. Gibson from exposing Leo McGarry's alcohol abuse on the night of a Presidential debate.

Calley later worked as a lobbyist in the private sector. Cliff Calley and Donna Moss had a brief relationship in season 3.

He was very effective in his new job, especially when he orchestrated a surprise vote with Matt Santos on stem-cell research.

Preceded by:
Josh Lyman
Deputy White House Chief of Staff for Strategic Planning
Succeeded by:
Sam Seaborn