Bartlet: How much can you bench press, Curtis?
Curtis: Quite a bit, sir.

Curtis Carruthers became President Jed Bartlet's personal aide ("body man") after Charlie Young graduated from college and left Bartlet's service as he had agreed he would when he first took the job.

Curtis is a very large man. He memorably carried President Bartlet down the exit stairs of Air Force One after the President suffered an MS attack that left him temporarily paralyzed in China. ("Impact Winter")

Behind the scenes

  • Curtis was played by actor Ben Murray. He appeared in 4 episodes during season 6. Unlike his predecessor (Charlie), he is a minor character.
  • It may be inferred from his character's actions that it is possible that he was chosen for the job more for his physical strength than anything else, because of the President's increasing physical disability due to his multiple sclerosis.
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