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Deborah Fiderer (previously DeLaGuardia) is the second Executive Secretary to President Josiah Bartlet. Fiderer previously worked at the White House as a Personnel Director.


After recommending Charlie Young for the job as President Bartlet's body man rather than the son of a major Democratic donor, Debbie was fired from her position at the White House. To repay the favor, Charlie convinced Bartlet to hire her as his Executive Secretary after Mrs. Landingham's death. After a series of blundered interviews, first where she was high on an accidental overdose of anti-anxiety medicine and then when she was being flippant in an attempt to cover up why she'd been fired from her previous White House job, Bartlet was left unimpressed. However, Bartlet later realized that she'd lied so as not to get others in trouble and also found that  she was able to recite numbers from the day's global markets, so he hired her anyway. More trouble arose during her security screening when it came to light that Deborah had written a letter in which she suggested that President Bartlet's drink should be laced with poison to call attention to human rights crises. The President let her keep her job because he felt that she had shown respect for the office by referring to him as "President Bartlet".

Debbie was known for her dry wit and sometimes domineering personality. She was quite loyal to the President and implemented a series of rules and procedures to make his daily routine easier. She required that all senior staff members bring a copy of the daily memo with them to the staff meetings. She also re-wired the President's phone so that the line would go directly to her, allowing her to make the President's outgoing calls for him so he wouldn't have to remember them all.


Work History

  • White House Personnel Director
  • Gambler
  • Alpaca Farmer
  • Executive Secretary

Personal Life[]

Little is known about Debbie's personal life. She was married to a Mr. DiLaguardia, but divorced him. She once mentioned to Abby that she is not very religious. Debbie is at least a very competent poker player, having seemingly fleeced the entire White House senior staff in "Evidence of Things Not Seen". In Eppur Si Muove, it was revealed she had a relative she lost to cervical cancer, which is often the result of the Human papillomavirus infection (HPV).


President Bartlet – I'm going to figure it out anyway. What I lack in memory, I more than make up for with exceptional powers of deductive reasoning
Fiderer – That come with tights and a cape?

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