2006 Democratic National Convention

Three Major Candidates: Vice President Bob Russell, Former Vice President John Hoynes, and Congressman Matthew Santos, and a Draft of Governor Eric Baker of Pennsylvania onto the second ballot.

Following the counting of the second, Vice President Russell remained the frontrunner with over 1,400 delegate votes, Governor Baker remained in second with 1,341 delegate votes, Congressman Santos close in the third place with around 1,300 delegates. Vice President Hoynes' delegate count was reduced to 102 votes and he soon dropped out of the race. 2162 votes were required to become the Democratic nominee. President Bartlet decided to end the balloting, and with the reluctant support of the NEA, Congressman Santos received 2,751 Votes, chosing Leo McGarry as his Vice Presidential running mate. This later led to a difficult campaign to defeat U.S. Senator Arnold Vinick (R) of California for the Presidency.

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