Doug Westin was married to Elizabeth Bartlet, eldest daughter of Josiah and Abigail Bartlet. They had 2 children, Annie and Gus.

President Bartlet apparently did not like Doug, describing him at one point as a "pinhead". Abigail believed that he had tried to dissuade Doug from marrying Liz on the morning of their wedding.

Doug joined the Bartlet family at the White House during the crisis of Zoey's kidnapping.

Doug ran for congressional office for the first district of New Hampshire, though President Bartlet did not think it was a good idea. Early in the campaign, Doug had a contentious public encounter with Congressman Matt Santos over a dismissive comment Santos had made about the New Hampshire Primary several years prior.

Initially, Doug's campaign tried to distance itself from the Bartlet administration, with Doug stating that he wanted to win on his own merits. He later changed his position and asked for President Bartlet to join him at a campaign event.

Around that same time, C.J. Cregg learned that Doug had had an affair with his family's nanny, which Liz knew about and had kept secret to protect her children. C.J. privately revealed to Doug that she knew about his affair, and demanded that he retract his request to appear alongside the President. Doug agreed.

In what was dubbed a win for the district, Doug lost in a landslide in the 2006 election. He does not have a very good political mind, unlike his wife.

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