Ronald Dreifort is an American jurist and an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.

He favors literal meaning jurisprudence, and does not grant more expansive interpretations to the Fourth, Fifth, and Ninth Amendments: he does not believe there is an inherent right to privacy within the Constitution.

Ainsley Hayes clerked for him early in her career, which was a black mark in the eyes of Lionel Tribbey when Leo, at the President's direct request, hired her for the White House Counsel's Office.

He is seemingly, from Christopher Mulready's comments, an iconic figure to the right much as Chief Justice Ashland is to the left.


Justice Dreifort is never seen on screen. He is mentioned by Christopher Mulready in The Supremes, and earlier discussed by Lionel Tribbey, Leo McGarry, and Ainsley Hayes in And It's Surely to Their Credit.

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