Dwight Eisenhower was President of the United States during the 1950s. He was married to Mamie Eisenhower.[1]

As a General, Eisenhower was given credit for winning World War II. Afterwards, General George Marshall was stated to be Eisenhower's "mentor."[2]

Prior to running for President, Eisenhower was affiliated with neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party.[3]

When he ran for President as a Republican, he was very popular, trouncing the Democrats in every poll.[4]

His Vice President was Richard Nixon[5] and his Attorney General was Peyton Cabot Harrison, Jr..[6] Albie Duncan became an employee of the Department of State during the Eisenhower administration.[7]

During his presidency, Eisenhower refused to send ships to resupply close to China, for fear of starting a war.[8]

Eisenhower had a secret affair during his presidency with a staffer named Kay Summersby.[9]

In 1957, President Eisenhower called up the National Guard to deal with a crisis.[10]

The USS Eisenhower was named after him.[11] In the White House, they named the Eisenhower Putting Green after him.[12]


According to Aaron Sorkin, Eisenhower was the last real president to exist in the West Wing world, however this has been contradicted several times, with references to Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Nixon. His first name was never mentioned on the show, but is taken from real life.

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