"Previously on the West Wing" spoken by C.J.

The night before Election Day makes for interesting bedfellows. Josh stresses over returns. Santos' senior staff relaxes in a bar. Four couples go off together. Donna and Josh flirt. Donna leaves; Josh follows.

Meanwhile, C.J. is faced with her future job offers. Annabeth makes a startling discovery.


3 AM -- Josh wakes up in bed with Donna in the background. Donna dresses to get ready for the busy day. Everyone gathers in Josh's room.

Bruno is flirting with an attractive woman. Bruno introduces the woman to Jane.

Josh tries to give a inspiring speech to the Santos staffers, but comes off as panicky and seems like he's falling apart.

The Santos' land in Houston. They will vote then go home.

Josh reviews the exit poles with some Santos staffers. He and Donna go back to Josh's room. Edie and Ronna come to get them.

Both the Santos and Vinick staffers are going over the whiteboard voting maps.

Kate and Will meet coming into the White House. Will mentions possibly moving to California, Kate becomes distant and leaves abruptly.



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Josh talks about people going to the polls in Oregon but the entire state votes by mail. [1]


At one point, Bob says to Bruno that North Dakota has gone Republican for the last 40 years (approximately 1966), yet Bartlet won both of the Dakota's four years prior.


Will Bailey: You spend the night at my house more often than not.
Kate Harper: Which makes me...?
Will Bailey: A really good date.

Charlie Young: You're a smart savvy woman who could easily consider world domination for a next career move.


"The West Wing" Election Day(2006)
The West Wing: Election Day

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