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Eli Attie was a writer, story editor, executive story editor, co-producer, producer and supervising producer on the final five seasons of The West Wing. He started as a staff writer at the start of Season 3, became a story editor on the Season 3 episode Night Five and became an executive story editor at the start of Season 4. From Inauguration: Over There (Part II) to The Benign Prerogative he is credited as a co-producer. Starting with Slow News Day and through the end of Season 6 he is credited as a producer. He is credited as a supervising producer for Season 7.

A number of the show's story lines came from Attie's own experiences in politics. According to David Remnick's biography of Barack Obama, "The Bridge," and other news sources, Attie used then-State Senator Obama as a model for the character of Matt Santos in seasons 6 and 7. Together with John Wells, Attie was nominated for Writers Guild and Humanitas awards for the episode Election Day: Part 2, in which Santos wins the presidency.

Attie has also worked as a co-executive producer on the last five seasons of House, MD and for part of the one season of Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Before working on The West Wing he served as chief speechwriter for Al Gore from 1997 until Gore's concession of the 2000 election, and also worked for Bill Clinton and Dick Gephardt.

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