Elizabeth "Liz" Bartlet is the oldest of President Josiah Bartlet and Abigail Bartlet's three daughters. Elizabeth was married to Doug Westin. They had two children, Annie and Gus.


In 1999, Liz called her father in tears, informing him that a radical Christian group called "The Lambs of God" had sent her daughter Annie a doll with a knife in its throat after she had made pro-choice comments to a teen magazine. The President was enraged, and after running a bicycle into a tree out of anger, ordered Al Caldwell, a leader of the religious rights, to publicly denounce the group.[1]

Liz and her family join her parents at the White House during the crisis of Zoey's kidnapping. (7A WF 83429)

Liz's husband Doug runs for Congress in New Hampshire's first district in 2006. Liz supported him in this effort, and urged him to use their familial connection to the popular Bartlet administration to his advantage. Doug resisted this (wanting to win the election on his own merits), but Liz eventually convinced him to hold a campaign event with the President.

Shortly after this, C.J. Cregg learned that Doug had had an affair with their nanny. C.J. privately demanded that Doug cancel the appearance with President Bartlet, which he did. Liz later met with C.J. and revealed that she was aware of Doug's affair, but had kept it a secret for the sake of their family. Liz asked C.J. to reschedule the event, but C.J. refused, which became a source of tension between them. (Internal Displacement)

Liz is later present at the funeral of Leo McGarry. (Requiem)


  • Liz isn't seen on the show before Sorkin's departure

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