Elsie Snuffin is a writer who worked with her older step-brother Will Bailey on the Horton Wilde campaign for the California 47th District and briefly at the White House.


Both Bailey and Sam Seaborn recognized she had a special talent for writing jokes for speeches. Before getting into politics she had been a writer for a sitcom, however her work was unused because it was "smarter than the show", as Bailey put it. ("Game On")

Elsie tried to convince Will to helm Sam's campaign in the 47th District, however he insisted that he was taking a vacation instead. ("Swiss Diplomacy") She followed Bailey to The White House when he was convinced to fill Sam's vacant speechwriter position. ("Arctic Radar") Will was greeted with a cold shoulder by the junior White House staffers and he had problems motivating his interns. Elsie helped him with these issues and together they were able to turn the interns into a productive team. ("Red Haven's on Fire")

Both Toby Ziegler and Sam commented on her unusual name. "You really comfortable going through life with a name like 'Elsie Snuffin'?" ("Inauguration (Part I)") Will is her older step-brother ("Red Haven's on Fire"); she often calls him "Willy", a nickname that he dislikes.


Behind the scenes

  • She appeared only in Season 4. The character's absence in later seasons was unexplained, nor was her name mentioned anymore by Will.
  • The name derives from the birth name of Kayla Blake, who played Kim on Sorkin's Sports Night, which is Elsie Sniffen.
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