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Harry Truman was President of the United States in the 1940s and 1950s. He was married to Bess Truman.[1]

Truman was thrust into power and never actually wanted to be President.[2]

While President, Truman had a Republican Congress that opposed his every move, highly powerful special interest groups, and a critical media biased against him.[3]

He was one of only two Presidents to tour Fort Knox.[4]

Muriel Keith, noted for meeting many Presidents, considered Truman the best out of all of them.[5]

Republican Albie Duncan began his tenure at the Department of State during the Truman administration.[6]

He was quoted as saying the Oval Office was the "crown-jewel of the federal penal system."[7]

He was responsible for ending World War II with the use of atomic bombs. He decided on using them after General George Marshall told him he would lose between 150,000 to 268,000 American soldiers.[8] Some scholars believed that the atomic bombs were a show of strength to Joseph Stalin.[9]

He passed the Presidential Succession Act of 1947. It is said he put the Speaker of the House third in line in order to put the good of the country over politics. Others say it was because he drank bourbon with congressman Sam Rayburn.[10]

In 1952, Truman used his executive power to draft coalminers into military service in order to prevent a potentially crippling strike. It was later struck down by the Supreme Court.[11]

He was considered to have run his own presidential campaign.[12]

The Truman Balcony in the White House is named after him,[13] as is the aircraft carrier Truman.[14]

He had a popular biography written on him that was later used as a gift by future First Lady Abigail Bartlet.[15]

Future Executive Secretary Deborah Fiderer and Acting President Glen Allen Walken were fans of Truman. Walken believed Truman would have been a Republican in the 21st century.[16]

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