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The United States House of Representatives is one of the two houses of the legislative branch of the United States, the other being the Senate.

List of Representatives

Image Representative Party District/State Timeline Titles Source
Mr. Bailey of Oregon Will Bailey Democratic OR-5 2009 (111th)   The Ticket
Josiah Bartlet Josiah Bartlet Democratic NH 19811987 (97th99th   Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc; The Wedding
Gladman Gladman Republican 1999-2001(106th)   Mr. Willis of Ohio
Jeff Haffley Jeff Haffley Republican WA-5 20032006 (108th109th) Speaker of the House 7A WF 83429; Two Weeks Out
  Jim Hohner Republican IL 1997 - 2003 (107th) Speaker of the House 7A WF 83429
Katzenmoyer Katzenmoyer Democratic WI-3 1999 - 2001 (106th)   Five Votes Down
  Peter Lien Republican TX-22 2001 - 2003 (107th)   20 Hours in America (Part II); The Red Mass
MarkRichardson Mark Richardson Democratic NY 19992003 (106th108th) Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Five Votes Down; Angel Maintenance
  Ritchie Democratic  

1999 - 2001 (106th)

  Mandatory Minimums
Russell Bob Russell Democratic CO-3 1995 - 2003 (104th - 108th)   Jefferson Lives
Santos Matt Santos Democratic TX-18 20012007 (107th109th)   Liftoff; Tomorrow
  Mark B. Sellner Democratic   19882007 (101st110th) Speaker of the House Transition; Tomorrow
Skinner Matt Skinner Republican   19992000 (106th)   Mr. Willis of Ohio; The Portland Trip
CalTillinghouse Cal Tillinghouse Democratic TX 1999   Five Votes Down
Glen Allen Walken Glen Allen Walken Republican MO-6 19892003 (101st108th) Speaker of the House 7A WF 83429
ChristopherWick Christopher Wick Democratic   1999 (106th)   Five Votes Down
Ms. Wyatt of Maryland Andrea Wyatt Democratic MD-5 19982005 (105th109th) 3rd Ranking Member of the House International Relations Committee Debate Camp; Night Five
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