The Iowa Caucus is the first primary election in the United States Presidential Election, and is an early indicator of momentum in the campaign.


During the 1998 Presidential election, the Democratic Caucus had Senator John Hoynes of Texas going up against Governor Josiah Bartlet of New Hampshire and Senator William Wiley of Washington, resulting in a win for Hoynes.

Democratic Caucus

  • Senator John Hoynes (D-TX)
  • Governor Josiah Bartlet (D-NH)
  • Senator William Wiley (D-WA)


Democratic Caucus

The morning news shows noted that President Bartlet was the first Democrat since Franklin Delano Roosevelt to be unopposed in the Iowa Democratic Caucus. ("The Two Bartlets")

  • President Josiah Bartlet

Republican Caucus

It was noted the caucus was between "three Governors, two Senators and the head of the church of I hate you." One of the losing candidates, who was an early favorite was named "Simon", possibly Senator Jim Simon (R-SD). ("The Two Bartlets")

  • Governor Robert Ritchie (R-FL)
  • A Governor
  • A Governor
  • A Senator
  • A Senator
  • A religious figure


Democratic Caucus

Santos "bombed in Iowa." At the New Hampshire debate, it was established there were 7 Democrats running - 6 men and 1 African-American woman. ("Freedonia")

As of the New Hampshire primary, Vice President Russell had solidified his lead as the front-runner, so he likely won the Iowa Caucus.
Hogan appears on a bean jar in "King Corn"; Clarkson is mentioned in the speaking order at the Corn event.
  • Vice President Bob Russell (D-CO)
  • Representative Matthew Santos (D-TX)
  • Vice President John Hoynes (D-TX)
  • Clarkson
  • Hogan
  • Atkins - an African-American minor candidate
  • One other

Republican Caucus

Sheila believed Allard was going to sweep Iowa, their early numbers placed Vinick's polling in the state at 5%, a number that likely dropped after Senator Vinick came out against ethanol subsidies. ("King Corn")

Johnson, Walken and Vinick were all seen on bean jars in "King Corn."
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