J.K. Simmons played Harry Ravitch in the episode Duck and Cover. The veteran character actor has also appeared in a number of television programs, motion pictures and television ads. He won an Academy Award for his performance in the 2014 film Whiplash.

His film roles include The Ref, The Scout, The First Wives Club (with Stockard Channing), The Cider House Rules, The Gift (with Gary Cole), The Mexican (with Bob Balaban), Spider-Man, The Ladykillers (with Stephen Root), Spider-Man 2 (with Dylan Baker), Thank You For Smoking (with Rob Lowe), Spider-Man 3 (with Baker and James Cromwell), Juno (with Allison Janney), Rendition, Burn After Reading (with David Rasche), I Love You, Man, Post Grad (with Jane Lynch) and Up in the Air. He has also had recurring roles on a number of television programs including Law and Order, Law and Order: SVU and starring roles on Oz and The Closer.

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