Jack Buckland serves as the Democratic US Secretary of Labor under President Josiah Bartlet from 2002 to 2007.


Jack Buckland is a former US Olympian, who works as the Governor of Indiana. When the MS scandal breaks out, Buckland takes advantage of the weakened status of the White House and starts courting Victor Campos, a Latinx advocate who is the most powerful California liaison for any Presidential candidate, as Campos oversees a vast network and helped get President Bartlet elected. The Bartlet Administration manages to reaffirm their relationship with Campos[1] and Buckland, who would have challenged Bartlet in the 2002 Presidential primaries and is talked out of it by Josh Lyman, is instead offered the position of Secretary of Labor in the Bartlet Cabinet, succeeding Carl Reid.


Olivia Buckland

Olivia is a member of US House of Representatives.

Notes and references

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United States Secretary of Labor
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