Jean-Paul Pierre Claude Charpentier Vicomte de Condé de Bourbon was Zoey Bartlet's boyfriend during Season 4. He was said to be jealous of Charlie, resulting in Zoey "breaking up with me [Charlie] again" in an email.

At Zoey's graduation party, where Zoey had planned to break up with Jean-Paul, he spikes her drink with what he thinks is ecstasy but is actually GHB. She goes to the restroom to put water on her face and is kidnapped.

Jean-Paul is given immunity from prosecution in exchange for his giving up his dealer, who is subsequently arrested. Upon her rescue, his relationship with Zoey is destroyed beyond repair, as he goes on the record stating that Zoey was taking drugs upon her kidnapping. Dianne Mathers mentions this to Zoey in an interview, and she shows noticeable anger at it.

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