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Joe Quincy is a Republican lawyer who is approached to join the Bartlet Administration to succeed Ainsley Hayes.


He is named as Associate White House Counsel near the end of the fifth year of the Bartlet Administration.  Prior to joining the White House, Quincy served as a clerk for the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Roy Ashland.  Upon joining the White House, Quincy uncovers a scandal involving Vice President John Hoynes, leading to the Vice President's resignation.

Quincy is also instrumental in negotiating the retirement of Chief Justice Ashland following the death of Justice Owen Brady. With the retirement of Ashland, President Bartlet appoints Evelyn Baker Lang to serve as the new Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and Christopher Mulready to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

For Donna Moss (and presumably others on the staff) he is the male counterpart to Ainsley Hayes, an extremely attractive, intelligent and industrious Republican who sees something worth fighting for in this Democratic White House.

Ainsley Hayes
Associate White House Counsel