Joey Lucas, short for Josephine, is a fictional character played by Marlee Matlin on the The West Wing. Lucas is a deaf pollster from of California who often helps the various members of the Bartlet Administration when need be.

When dealing with the Bartlet Administration, Joey normally works with Josh Lyman having met him when he was Deputy White House Chief of Staff and having helped him when he left the White House to serve as campaign manager for presidential candidate Matt Santos. Josh and Joey shared a flirtation for a little while until it became clear to Joey that there was something unspoken going on between Josh and Donna Moss, which she was the first one to point out to him.

Joey is rarely without her assistant Kenny Thurman, who serves as her interpreter who has been with her for over a decade by President Santos' Election, and trusts him without question. She also once dated pollster, Al Kiefer.

In addition to polling duties, Joey served as a campaign manager for Bill O'Dwyer in the California 46th, although President Bartlet wasn't particularly helpful to this campaign, he did suggest she'd make a good Congresswoman herself.

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