John F. Kennedy was a notable President of the United States. He was elected President while he was a Senator in the 1960 election.[1]

He was the last youthful and attractive presidential candidate the Democratic Party had prior to Matthew Santos in 2006.[2]

Kennedy had a child who died while he was in office, and he did not abdicate authority, a fact pointed out by Josh Lyman during the Zoey Bartlet kidnapping crisis.[3]

In 1961, President Kennedy called up the National Guard to deal with a crisis.[4]

At the Santos Inauguration, the two Presidents muse on the very high bar JFK set for Presidential speeches on that occasion.

Various items and places were named in his honor, including:


John F. Kennedy is the only Roman Catholic to be President in the real world (Josiah Bartlet and Matthew Santos are both Catholics), and he was the last President to be tragically assassinated in 1963. This event has never been referenced in the series.

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