John Wells is an American TV and film producer, writer, and director.


In 1994, Wells was hired to be executive producer of the pilot episode of NBC's medical drama E.R. He continued to write, executive produce, and direct episodes of the series throughout its 15 year run.

Wells also co-created and executive produced the NBC series Third Watch, which also aired on NBC for six seasons almost concurrently with The West Wing. He has served as an executive producer, writer, and director on many film and television projects both before and after The West Wing.

Wells began sharing Executive Producer credit with Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme beginning with season three. After Sorkin's departure from the show after the end of season 4, Wells took over E.P. credit for the show for seasons 5-7.

Wells was Executive producer of the NBC/TNT network show Southland. In 2010, he wrote, directed, and produced his first feature-length film The Company Men, starring Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, and Chris Cooper.

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