Supreme Court Justice Joseph Crouch served on the Supreme Court for 38 years, until 1999.


Crouch wanted to retire in 1994, but waited until the following election, hoping to see a Democrat win. Once President Bartlet took office, Crouch felt certain he could retire knowing a proper Supreme Court Justice could be confirmed in his stead. Crouch urges Bartlet to look hard at Judge Roberto Mendoza and is aghast to learn that Bartlet has settled on Peyton Cabot Harrison III. Crouch maintains that Mendoza is the candidate and the reason Crouch would wait 5 years to retire, calling Bartlet's insistence that Mendoza was on the administration's 'short list' a gross attempt at gaining political points for perceived diversity. Ultimately, it is Mendoza who is nominated to fill Crouch's seat on the bench.


  • Crouch joined the Supreme Court in 1961.
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