Ken Cochran worked as a United States Ambassador.


Sometime before his ambassadorship, Cochran was a member of a whites-only golf club where Charlie Young worked as a waiter. He claimed that he had later resigned from the club because of their racial policy. Charlie kept this truth from the President, though Cochran was convinced his former membership was a factor in why he was being fired.

Cochran became the United States Ambassador to Bulgaria. He was fired for "gross incompetence" by President Jed Bartlet for having an affair with the daughter of the Prime Minister. Bartlet was friends with his wife, and arranged for Ted Mitchell to give Cochran another job to prevent her pain. Cochran smugly admitted he had never voted for Bartlet, which did not appear to faze the President.

This character is referenced in the Season 4 episode Arctic Radar. President Barlet mistakenly says he was ambassador to Brazil during his conversation with Leo about the Vicky Hilton issue.

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