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Lionel Tribbey works for a time as the fourth White House Counsel to serve under President Josiah Bartlet.


Tribbey is regarded by the Bartlet administration and by the president himself as a brilliant attorney. He also very outspoken, to the point of yelling frequently at people, no matter their rank within Bartlet's staff.

He has a cricket bat that he threatens people with, which was given to him by "Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth Windsor". Despite his original, clearly expressed views on having a Republican like Ainsley Hayes working for him, he is firmly, cricket bat in hand, on her side when two other members of the staff abuse her. He also sides with Sam Seaborn when Seaborn fires the two men after they insult Hayes.

He left a lucrative law practice in Chicago to serve in the White House. However, he strongly feels that Bartlet is too moderate on affirmative action, capital gains, public schools and free trade (in Ainsley's words).

He was replaced by Oliver Babish, however, this was not disclosed until the episode Bad Moon Rising.


I will kill people today, Leo. I will kill people with this cricket bat, which was given to me by Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth Windsor, and then I will kill them again with my own hands
I believe as long as Justice Dreifort is intolerant towards gays, lesbians, blacks, unions, women, poor people, and the First, Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Amendments, I will remain intolerant towards him!
I was ready to take a vacation Leo! I was ready to go someplace warm, with a beach, somebody bringing me drinks with little umbrellas in them!
[upon overhearing two White House staffers tell Sam Seaborn that he can't fire them] Oh, yes. He can. Leave here, and don't ever come back. It's time for both of you to write your book now

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