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A complete alphabetical list of members of the United States Senate. For timeline-centric lists, see List of United States Congresses. For a less-detailed list, see the Senators category.

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Image Senator Party State Timeline Titles Source
  August Adair Democratic   2003 (108th)   Jefferson Lives
  Aiello Democratic   1999 (106th)   20 Hours in L.A.
  Cambridge Democratic   1999 (106th)   20 Hours in L.A.
  Dane Democratic   1999 (106th)   20 Hours in L.A.
  Joseph Furman Republican   2003 (108th) President pro tempore 7A WF 83429
  Gianelli Democratic   20002001 (106th107th)   20 Hours in L.A.; The Stackhouse Filibuster
  Warren Harding Republican       Guns Not Butter
  Benjamin Harrison Republican       Guns Not Butter
JohnHoynes John Hoynes Democratic Texas 19911999 (102nd105th) Senate Majority Leader 20 Hours in L.A.
  John F. Kennedy Democratic   1960 (86th)   Message of the Week
MaxLobell Max Lobell Republican   20002002 (106th107th Congress)   Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics; Posse Comitatus
  Ricky Rafferty Democratic   2006 (109th)   Drought Conditions
LloydRussell Lloyd Russell Democratic   19992000 (106th)   Pilot; Let Bartlet Be Bartlet
Senator Stackhouse in office Howard Stackhouse Democratic Minnesota 19772006 (96th109th)   The Stackhouse Filibuster; The Wedding
Vinick Arnold Vinick Republican California 19832007 (98th109th) Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee In The Room; The Last Hurrah
  Sam Whiteside   Maryland     Liftoff
  William Wiley Democratic Washington 1998 (105th)   In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Part II)
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