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Madeline Hampton, Ph.D. works as a political Media Consultant and accepts the position as White House Media Director for the Bartlet Administration from 1999 to 2000.


Mandy Hampton received a Bachelor's degree in art history, a master's degree in communications, and a Ph.D. in Political science.[1]


Little is known about Mandy's career before she joined Bartlet's Presidential campaign, which she joined sometime in 1998 as its media director. During the campaign, she had a relationship with fellow campaign worker Josh Lyman[2]. She was considered a valuable member of the team but was not hired.

Instead, she was given a job with Lennox-Chase, making $900,000 a year[3]. After Josh Lyman made a major gaffe in 1999, Leo McGarry briefly considered her as a possible replacement for Josh.[4]


In 1999, she left Lennox-Chase to start a consulting firm with her assistant, Daisy Reese, and begin working on a Presidential bid for Senator Lloyd Russell.[5] Around this time, she started dating Russell.

Her choice to return to Washington and work for Russell quickly made the West Wing aware of Russell's intention to run for the 2002 Presidential Election against President Bartlet. When Mandy tried to use a piece of legislation as the way Russell would make a name for himself, Josh Lyman negotiated a deal with Russell that would shelve the legislation until after the Midterm Elections in exchange for a chance to make a speech at the 2002 Democratic Convention, possibly even Keynote speaker. This infuriated Mandy and her contract with him was soon dissolved.

White House Media Director

Mandy and Daisy discussed possible employers to replace the loss of their only client when they were informed by Josh Lyman that the White House was willing to hire them as the media director to be paid by the Democratic National Committee.[6] She worked under both Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman, and White House Communications Director Toby Ziegler.[7]


  • Despite being considered a valuable member of Bartlet's first Presidential Campaign, she is not seen in any of the flashbacks of the campaign.
  • Names considered for possible employers
    • Gil McGregor
    • Stillwell
    • Crouse from Alabama
    • Crouse from Indiana
    • Kittis
    • Waveman
    • Brock
    • Silverman
    • Bartlet

Mandy was portrayed by Moira Kelly. Her departure was never explained. Because of this, any character on The West Wing that stops appearing without explanation in an episode or in the series was said by the fans to be in "Mandyville."



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