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Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez, known by the stage name Martin Sheen, is an American actor. Estévez portrays President Bartlet on The West Wing.


Sheen worked from he was 9-18 years old as a caddy at a Country Club, starting in 1949. At 14 years old, Sheen tried to unionise the other caddies along with himself and organised a strike which lasted 72 hours.[1]


The women are the only thing that can save us
—Climate March, 10 January 2020[2]


  • During the run of The West Wing, Estévez was asked by his homestate, Ohio, if he'd seriously consider run for office.[1]


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  • The Progressive magazine interview including Sheen's views on faith, civil disobedience, abortion and pacifism.
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