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Michael Casper works as an FBI agent in the Bartlet Administration, starting the position in February 2001[1].


Mike Casper is a very serious guy, who is also quite humble about his position with regards to the White House. When he briefs the White House Chief of Staff, Mike relays to Josh that it is 'above his paygrade', which Josh ignores as he brings Mike in to brief the President. Simultaneously, he is also a bit playful as he flirts with Donna when he first arrives to see Josh regarding the situation in Tennessee.[2]


Casper knows Josh Lyman and in Spring 2001, as a favour to Josh, is visited by Sam Seaborn regarding the activities in the '50s of Daniel Galt. Casper takes issue with Sam's assertions on the errors of the FBI and they have a heated argument.[1] In December 2001, Mike becomes the FBI liaison to the White House regarding a 2 year FBI investigation into attacks on black churches in Tennessee. By a fluke, the FBI are able to establish conspiratorial intent and protection can be mobilised without the objections of the Governor of Tennessee.[2]


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