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Miles Hutchinson serves as the Secretary of Defense to President Bartlet for the duration of the Bartlet Administration's two terms.


Secretary Hutchinson is mentioned throughout President Bartlet's first term, frequently mentioned alongside Secretary Berryhill, the Secretary of State. At the start of the MS scandal, a political operative mentions Hutchinson as a presumptive possible presidential candidate, if President Bartlet should choose not to run for re-election, which seems plausible at that moment.[1]

Hutchinson advises the President on the hostage situation in Haiti, although he was clearly never as influential as Admiral Percy Fitzwallace or National Security Advisor Dr. Nancy McNally. However, he has always been more influential than Berryhill.

Hutchinson made his first onscreen appearance in the Season Four episode "Inauguration (Part I)" where he clashed with the President. He was said to lack respect for Bartlet because the President had never served in the military.

Hutchinson and White House Chief of Staff Leo McGarry clashed during McGarry's tenure on more than one occasion. One notable case is over the potential deployment of troops to Equatorial Kundu, and disagreement over the accuracy of the force depletion report that Hutchinson provided. This led to the transfer of Jack Reese.

Following the retirement of Admiral Fitzwallace, and the increased absence of Dr. McNally, Hutchinson's relative influence in the Situation Room increased dramatically, and he advised President Bartlet on various crises in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Bolivia, and Iran.

Hutchinson more than once came into conflict with rookie White House Chief of Staff C.J. Cregg, over, for example, the handling a crisis involving stolen Georgian nuclear material, and whether or not to use a secret space shuttle to rescue astronauts from the damaged International Space Station.

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