Vice Admiral Millicent Griffith serves as the United States Surgeon General of the during the Bartlet Administration.



Dr. Griffith had been a close family friend to the Bartlets for years. She became the godmother to Ellie when she was born, with whom she had a very close relationship. Interestingly Ellie was the only one of the Bartlet sisters to follow her mother's footsteps and become a doctor. It has been indicated that she divorced her husband and had two children. She was one of the people privy to the knowledge that the President had Multiple Sclerosis. (Ellie, 17 People)

Bartlet's Terms

Dr Griffith was present at the hospital that the President and Josh Lyman were brought to when they were shot. She observed Josh's procedure and admired the work that the doctors did. (Ellie)

While answering questions about marijuana, Dr. Griffith pointed out the effects of the drug in comparison to alcohol and cigarettes and its illegal status. The press took this as her supporting the decriminalization of marijuana and the President sent Josh Lyman to ask for her letter of resignation, which she refused to give. Before she could be fired her goddaughter, Ellie Bartlet, told a reporter that her father would never fire the Surgeon General. This further complicated matters and brought up certain issues that had plagued Ellie's and the President's relationship. Eventually Dr. Griffith handed in her letter of resignation after Leo McGarry threatend to have the President fire her. However after advising Jed about Ellie he refused it and she kept her position. (Ellie)

Dr. Griffith traveled with the President on his last trip to China. She aided the First Lady and the medical staff when he had an attack and constantly reminded the president that he needed to rest for longer periods of time. When President Bartlet spent over an hour in a room alone negotiating with the Chinese she warned that the damage he was doing was detrimental to his overall health. (In The Room, Impact Winter)


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