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Template:EpisodeNewTitle Toby and Mandy work to convince some congressmen -- including the nervous Mr. Willis, who assumed his late wife's office -- to approve a commerce bill that includes a vital census-counting provision, while the President's daughter gets into an ugly fracas in a Georgetown bar along with Josh and Sam. Elsewhere, C.J. swallows her pride and asks Sam for help to understand the basic components of the administration's stance on random census-taking in 2000, and a peeved President Bartlet scolds Leo when he learns that Leo's wife has left him. [1]





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One of the subplots concerns Sam's obsession over the "Legal Tender Modernization Act", which aims at eliminating the penny. The act does exist and was actually introduced in May 2001 by Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe. The act also aims at withdrawing the Susan B. Anthony dollar from circulation, and prohibiting any redesign of the $1 bill. [2]

The President yells at his daughter Zoey about her being careless and what the dangers to her could be. His off the cuff description of her abduction (at a club in the bathroom, Secret Service agents being shot in the head) is very close to the events that would take place at the end of season four when Zoey is abducted. [3]

Two actors playing the minor roles of Frat Boys in the episode, Blake Shields and Eric Balfour, went on to have starring roles in television programs.


Charlie tells one of the men in the bar that, to buy 19-year-old Zoey a drink, "you'd have to take her to Maryland". The legal drinking age in Maryland has been 21 since 1982. [4]

In a Congressional roll call, the names are given in alphabetical order and those after Willis are mentioned, but Wyatt isn't one of them, even through Andi is a member of Congress.


Toby Ziegler: I met an unusual man. He didn't walk in with a political agenda. He didn't walk in with his mind made up. He genuinely wanted to do what he thought was best. He didn't mind saying the words 'I don't know.'

Josh Lyman: The President's daughter, Chief of Staff's daughter, a Georgetown bar and Sam. What could possibly go wrong?


"The West Wing" Mr. Willis of Ohio (1999)

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