NiCole Robinson is an American actress who played Margaret Hooper on all seven seasons of The West Wing. Though she had a significant role in the series, she was never featured in the main title sequence and was credited as a guest star in nearly every episode.

Robinson commented that she spells her first name with a capital C because "life is too short to be all lowercase. It's what poor people do to look fancy. Seriously, it's what poor people do to look fancy. I was born in a potato-plant town in Idaho with a population of 1,211 people, 1,210 of whom are related to me. I actually had to be born in the next town because there is no hospital in Paul, Idaho. People think I made it up for showbiz, but the honest truth is it was made up, by my mother, for no reason at all. Truth be told, I'm just grateful she was too drunk to figure out where to put the accent mark."

In 2007, Robinson and her husband Craig Snyder lost their infant son Lincoln to a rare and fatal genetic lung condition called alveolar capillary dysplasia. They have since started a memorial fund called The 3 Angels Memorial Fund for ACD Research.