"Previously on the West Wing" spoken by C.J.

President Bartlet and his current and former staffers come together for Leo's funeral. After the funeral, Santos prepares the start of the transition.

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The opening scene is Leo's funeral. Members of the congreation are shown to be in tears. A military honor guard leads the casket out of the cathedral. His pallbearers include President Jed Bartlet, Charlie Young, President-Elect Matthew Santos, Barry Goodwin, Mallory O'Brien's husband, and Josh Lyman. Leo receives a military funeral and is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Toby attends the funeral. Abigail Bartlet states that Leo would not have liked all the fuss being made over him.

President-Elect Matthew Santos tells Josh that he has asked Barry Goodwin to head up his transition team.


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The only three members of the main cast, both past and present, missing from Leo's funeral service are Sam Seaborn, Kate Harper and Mandy Hampton

This is the only episode of the 7th season where all thirteen of the main cast appear in the opening credits. Despite this, Mary McCormack does not appear.

In the season 6 episode "NSF Thurmont," Josh and Toby discuss "Congressman Fields" as a Democrat they were surprised voted for the resolution urging President Bartlet to respond militarily to Admiral Fitzwallace's assassination.

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In the opening scene at the funeral the casket is carried backwards. The stars/head of the casket should be in the back.

The liturgy used by the bishop at the beginning are not Catholic, as Leo was, but rather are from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.

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President Bartlet: ...And I go flying out the door ass backwards in front of 50 news cameras!                                         C.J. Cregg: Maybe five.

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